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  • Achilles allograft reconstruction
  • Isolated rectus femoris rupture
  • quadriceps rupture

Isolated Rectus Femoris Rupture with Ipsilateral Femoroacetabular Impingement in a Collegiate Track Athlete: A Case Report.


Journal Title:

J Orthop Case Rep


Volume 12, Number 7


, Pages 84-88

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INTRODUCTION: Quadriceps ruptures, especially isolated rectus femoris ruptures, are uncommon among young and healthy individuals. CASE REPORT: We describe an 18-year-old collegiate sprinter with a rectus femoris tendon rupture who continued to have significant pain and dysfunction despite non-operative management. He was concurrently found to have femoroacetabular impingement and a labrum tear as well. Following an extensive trial of non-operative management, operative fixation of the rectus femoris rupture with Achilles allograft reconstruction was performed in addition to arthroscopic labrum fixation and femoroplasty. Postoperatively, he returned to sport with improved mobility and decreased pain. CONCLUSION: Surgical rectus femoris tendon reconstruction with Achilles allograft is a valid option for patients who fail conservative treatment.
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