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  • Tuberculous
  • Anti-TB antibiotics

Magic Dr.T? Tuberculous brain lesions in an immunocompetent patient-A case report


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Radiology Case Reports


Volume 17, Number 3


, Pages 581-586

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Tuberculomas in the form of multiple ring-enhancing brain lesions is an uncommon occurrence in immunocompetent patient. Central nervous system tuberculosis may manifest as meningitis, tuberculoma, or abscess and can even occur in patients with or without active respiratory tract infection. In the case of active infection, specific antibiotic combinations and dosing duration are required, and respiratory isolation/precautionary measures must be taken by the health care workers and members of the family. Most literature has reported Central nervous system tuberculosis in patients with immunosuppression such as from HIV infection or solid organ transplantation; however, in endemic areas, CNS tuberculoma should be a differential consideration even for immunocompetent patients presenting with ring enhancing lesion (s). Our case highlights the importance of maintaining this clinical suspicion. Early diagnosis and management of our patient helped prevent potentially serious neurological sequelae.

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