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Minke A. E. Rab

Division Laboratories, Pharmacy and Biomedical Genetics, Central Diagnostic Laboratory‐Research & Division of Internal Medicine and Dermatology, Van Creveldkliniek, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht University, Heidelberglaan 100, 3584CX, Utrecht, the Netherlands.


Minke A.E. Rab, Richard van Wijk, Eduard J. van Beers, and Vivien A. Sheehan designed the study; Minke A.E. Rab, Maite E. Houwing, Jorn Gerritsma, Celine Renoux, Philippe Joly, Marije Bartels, Erfan Nur, Romain Fort, Maite E. Houwing, Eduard J. van Beers, and Vivien A. Sheehan collected clinical and laboratory data. Minke A.E. Rab, Celeste K. Kanne, Jennifer Bos, Brigitte A. van Oirschot, Erik Teske and Jurgen Riedl and Camille Boisson performed laboratory experiments. Minke A.E. Rab, Richard van Wijk, Philippe Connes, Eduard J. van Beers, and Vivien A. Sheehan analyzed the data and wrote the manuscript. All authors edited the manuscript and approved the final version.

The authors would like to thank all patients that donated blood for this study. The authors also thank the technicians of the Central Diagnostic Laboratory, Specialized Hematology, University Medical Center Utrecht. As well as the clinical research coordinators of the department of pediatric hematology at the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam and the department of hematology at the Amsterdam University Medical Centers.

Both M.A.E.R., M.E.H., J.G., E.N., M.H.C., and E.J.v.B. are clinical researchers within the Sickle Cell Outcome Research (SCORE) consortium, a multicenter clinical research collaboration in the Netherlands, which gave input on the work described in this manuscript for which we value highly.

M.A.E.R., J.B., and B.A.vO. received grant funding from RR Mechatronics. R.v.W. received grant funding from Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc and RR Mechatronics. E.J.v.B. received grant funding Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc, RR Mechatronics, Novartis and Pfizer for investigator initiated research projects. V.A.S. received grant funding from Global Blood Therapeutics, Emmaus, and Novartis for investigator initiated research projects.


Research Funding:

This research has been funded in part by Eurostars grant estar18105 and by an unrestricted grant provided by RR Mechatronics. This work is also funded by K08 grant from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, and by support from the Department of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine.

Eurostars, Grant/Award Number: estar18105; National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, Grant/Award Number: K08‐grant; RR Mechatronics, Grant/Award Number: Unrestricted research grant.


  • Science & Technology
  • Life Sciences & Biomedicine
  • Hematology

Oxygen gradient ektacytometry-derived biomarkers are associated with vaso-occlusive crises and correlate with treatment response in sickle cell disease

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Volume 96, Number 1


, Pages E29-E32

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