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Correspondence: zhangyw@mail.buct.edu.cn, pengfei.wang@sjtu.edu.cn, yonggang.ke@emory.edu

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Y.Z. thanks the Natural Science Foundation of China (grants 51672022, 51302010) for support.

Y.K. acknowledges NSF grants DMR-1654485 and ECCS-1807568, NIH grant 1R21AI135753-01, and Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) grant 2836.002.

The AFM images were collected on an atomic force microscope supported by grants GM084070 and 3R01GM084070-07S1 to L.F.


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  • 6-Helix
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Programming DNA Tube Circumference by Tile Offset Connection


Journal Title:

Journal of American Chemical Society


Volume 141, Number 50


, Pages 19529-19532

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Article | Post-print: After Peer Review


DNA tubes with prescribed circumferences are appealing for numerous multidisciplinary applications. The DNA single-stranded tiles (SSTs) assembly method has demonstrated an unprecedented capability for programming the circumferences of DNA tubes in a modular fashion. Nevertheless, a distinct set of SSTs is typically required to assemble DNA tube of a specific circumference, with wider tubes requiring higher numbers of tiles of unique sequences, which not only increases the expense and design complexity but also hampers the assembly yield. Herein, we introduce "offset connection" to circumvent such challenges in conventional SST tube assembly. In this new connection scheme, the boundary SST tiles in an SST array are designed to connect in an offset manner. To compensate for the offset, the SST array has to grow wider until the array can close to form a wide tube with a tolerable degree of twist. Using this strategy, we have successfully assembled DNA tubes with prescribed circumferences consisting of 8, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 42, 56, or 70 helices from two distinct sets of SSTs composed of 19×4 or 19×14 tiles.

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