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We acknowledge Selva Kumar Maran for early work on the project and comments on the manuscript, and Dawn Blitz and Michael Nusbaum for photoinactivation protocols.


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This work was supported by NIH Grant No. 5R01NS054281-07.


  • oscillatory networks
  • phase response theory
  • pulsatile coupling
  • nonoscillatory elements
  • functional phase resetting curve

Phase response theory extended to nonoscillatory network components


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Physical Review E


Volume 85, Number 5


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New tools for analysis of oscillatory networks using phase response theory (PRT) under the assumption of pulsatile coupling have been developed steadily since the 1980s, but none have yet allowed for analysis of mixed systems containing nonoscillatory elements. This caveat has excluded the application of PRT to most real systems, which are often mixed. We show that a recently developed tool, the functional phase resetting curve (fPRC), provides a serendipitous benefit: it allows incorporation of nonoscillatory elements into systems of oscillators where PRT can be applied. We validate this method in a model system of neural oscillators and a biological system, the pyloric network of crustacean decapods.

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©2012 American Physical Society

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