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But I Cited It! Best Practices in Teaching the One-Shot Copyright Instruction Session for Undergraduate Students


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Copyright Conversations: Rights Literacy in a Digital World


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Today’s undergraduate students, born between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s, are the first members of Generation Z to attend college.1 Born at the same time as the World Wide Web, this generation is the first to be com- prised of true digital natives.2 Not only do Generation Z students possess a digital savvy beyond cut-and-paste and have the skills to be producers and re-users of content, they also come to the classroom with technology ready in hand.3 They have expectations that all information can be found quickly and that support should be available 24/7.4 Given their easy and ubiquitous access to the technological tools and services of the peer-to-peer sharing economy, Generation Z is entrepreneurial in nature “with nearly half want- ing to start their own business.”5 However, these students are not equally savvy with copyright law, either in understanding their rights as creators or the contours of copyright exemptions for users, like fair use.

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