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Chinglai Yang: Email: chyang@emory.edu

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This work was supported in part by research Grants from the National Institute of Health AI44405, AI47018, and AI060406, and funding from the Emory University Global Health Institute.

Immunization with a Mixture of HIV Env DNA and VLP Vaccines Augments Induction of CD8 T Cell Responses


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BioMed Research International


Volume 2010, Number 2010


, Pages 1-12

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The immune response induced by immunization with HIV Env DNA and virus-like particle (VLP) vaccines was investigated. Immunization with the HIV Env DNA vaccine induced a strong CD8 T cell response but relatively weak antibody response against the HIV Env whereas immunization with VLPs induced higher levels of antibody responses but little CD8 T cell response. Interestingly, immunization with a mixture the HIV Env DNA and VLP vaccines induced enhanced CD8 T cell and antibody responses. Further, it was observed that the mixing of DNA and VLP vaccines during immunization is necessary for augmenting induction of CD8 T cell responses and such augmentation of CD8 T cell responses was also observed by mixing the HIV Env DNA vaccine with control VLPs. These results show that immunization with a mixture of DNA and VLP vaccines combines advantages of both vaccine platforms for eliciting high levels of both antibody and CD8 T cell responses.

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