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Address correspondence to: Pat Marsteller (Email: pmars@learnlink.emory.edu).

We thank the anonymous reviewers who provided exceptional ideas for restructuring the manuscript.

The first author wishes to particularly thank John Jungck for his mentorship over the last 20 years

Special thanks to T. Jordan for setting the tone for the institutes and convening the planning meetings.

We also thank the HHMI Program Directors at Emory University, University of Delaware, and University of Maryland for adding funds to this initiative that allowed two additional workshops, and listserv and wiki development.


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We thank the HHMI for the mini-grant that allowed this work to begin.

Toward Integration: From Quantitative Biology to Mathbio-Biomath?


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CBE-Life Sciences Education


Volume 9, Number 3


, Pages 165-171

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In response to the call of BIO2010 for integrating quantitative skills into undergraduate biology education, 30 Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Program Directors at the 2006 HHMI Program Directors Meeting established a consortium to investigate, implement, develop, and disseminate best practices resulting from the integration of math and biology. With the assistance of an HHMI-funded mini-grant, led by Karl Joplin of East Tennessee State University, and support in institutional HHMI grants at Emory and University of Delaware, these institutions held a series of summer institutes and workshops to document progress toward and address the challenges of implementing a more quantitative approach to undergraduate biology education. This report summarizes the results of the four summer institutes (2007–2010). The group developed four draft white papers, a wiki site, and a listserv. One major outcome of these meetings is this issue of CBE—Life Sciences Education, which resulted from proposals at our 2008 meeting and a January 2009 planning session. Many of the papers in this issue emerged from or were influenced by these meetings.

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