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Corresponding author Maria Braileanu: mbraile@emory.edu



  • CT perfusion
  • Cerebral infarct/stroke
  • Fogging effect
  • Noncontrast head CT
  • Vasospasm

Appearance of cerebral infarct fogging on CT perfusion


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Radiology Case Reports


Volume 14, Number 7


, Pages 889-893

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Fogging is a deceptive phenomenon that can partially or completely obscure a subacute infarct on noncontrast head CT. We present the appearance of infarct fogging on CT perfusion through 3 cases. At time of fogging, the subacute infarctions demonstrated variable mean transit time with increased cerebral blood volume and cerebral blood flow on CT perfusion. Fogging occurred within 6-10 days, sooner than the previously described 2-3 weeks in classic fogging. At time of fogging, CT perfusion demonstrated a “luxury-like” perfusion pattern and augmented the identification of the true extent of the infarction at time of fogging.

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