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Contact address: Sylvia M LaCourse, Department of Medicine, Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, University of Washington, 325 9th Avenue, Box 359931, Seattle, Washington, WA 98104, USA. sylvial2@u.washington.edu.

SL wrote the initial draft of the protocol.

LC developed the search strategy.

DH designed draft abstraction forms.

EO drafted the data analysis sections with input from SP and KRS.

KRS drafted the QUADAS-2 section.

KRS and SP contributed methodological advice.

All authors (EO, AB, DB, LC, DH, JM, SL, SM, KRS, and SP) provided input for the protocol.

We thank Vittoria Lutje, Cochrane Infectious Diseases Group (CIDG) Information Specialist, and Hannah Rogers, Emory University, for their assistance with developing the search strategy.

The review authors (EO, AB, DB, LC, DH, JM, SL, SM, KRS, SP) have no known conflicts of interest.

LC, DH, SL, JM, and SM have conducted primary research regarding evaluating symptom screening for TB in pregnant PLHIV.


Research Funding:

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (DH), USA.

NIH/NIAID K23 Career Development Award (SL, DH), USA.


University of Washington Center for AIDS Research (SL, DH), USA.

University of Washington Strategic Analysis, Research & Training (START) Center (DB), USA.

US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief through the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (SM, SP), USA.

NIH/NIAID K23 (K23AI129854) Award (JM), USA.

NIH/NICHD R01 (R01HD081929) Award (JM), USA.

Department for International Development (DFID), UK.

The CIDG editorial base is supported by the Effective Health Care Research Consortium. This Consortium is funded by UK aid from the UK Government for the benefit of developing countries (Grant: 5242).


  • Cochrane Review
  • Diagnostic test accuracy
  • protocol
  • four-symptom screen
  • active TB
  • pregnancy
  • women
  • heterogeneity
  • ART status
  • CD4 cell count
  • gestational age
  • pregnancy stage
  • cough
  • Tuberculosis
  • fatigue

Symptom screening for active tuberculosis in pregnant women living with HIV


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Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews


Volume 2018, Number 1


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Article | Final Publisher PDF


This is a protocol for a Cochrane Review (Diagnostic test accuracy). The objectives are as follows: To assess the accuracy of the four-symptom screen (cough, fever, night sweats, or weight loss) for identifying active TB in pregnant PLHIV who are screened in an outpatient or community setting. To investigate potential sources of heterogeneity of the accuracy of the four-symptom screen between studies including: ART status, CD4 cell count, gestational age, pregnancy stage (pregnancy vs. postpartum), screening test definition of cough (any cough vs. cough greater than 2 weeks). To describe the accuracy of single symptoms included within the four-symptom screen, additional symptoms or symptom combinations, for identifying active TB in pregnant PLHIV. For example, additional symptoms may include failure to gain weight or fatigue.

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