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This work was supported by grants HD 09549 and HD 11519 from the National Institutes of Health and grant PMC-8118717 from the National Science Foundation.

Tubulin as a molecular component of coated vesicles


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Journal of Cell Biology


Volume 97, Number 4


, Pages 1191-1199

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Two proteins of 53,000 and 56,000 mol wt have been found to be associated with coated vesicles (CV) purified from bovine brain and chicken liver. These proteins share molecular weights, isoelectric points, and antigenic determinants with alpha- and beta-tubulins purified from bovine brain. Based on SDS PAGE and electron microscopic analysis of controlled pore glass bead exclusion column fractions, both the tubulins and the major CV polypeptide clathrin were found to chromatograph as components of a single kinetic particle. In addition, tubulin and CV antigens assayed by a sensitive enzyme-linked-immunoadsorbent method eluted from the columns with constant stoichiometry. These data provide evidence that tubulin is a molecular component of coated vesicles.

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