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This work is supported in part by National Institutes of Health grants T32 AA013528 (J.A.K. and J.E.H.), K23 AR054334 (V.T.), K24 RR023356 (T.R.Z.), R21 HL110044 (G.S.M. and T.R.Z.), U54 RR-024380, P50 AA-013757P50, AA013757 (G.S.M.) and the Atlanta Clinical and Translational Science Institute (UL1 RR025008).


  • vitamin D
  • sepsis
  • severe sepsis
  • critical care medicine
  • nutrition
  • infection

Vitamin D and sepsis: An emerging relationship


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Volume 4, Number 2


, Pages 101-108

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Vitamin D insufficiency and sepsis are both highly prevalent worldwide problems and this article reviews the emerging science that is defining the intersections of these conditions. The importance of vitamin D’s role in skeletal health has long been understood but recent evidence is beginning to highlight its role in the functioning of other physiologic systems of the body. Basic science data reveal its integral role in local immune responses to pathogens and the systemic inflammatory pathways of sepsis. Furthermore, clinical scientists have found associations with respiratory infections, critical illness and sepsis but the causal relationship and its clinical impact have yet to be clearly defined. The article ends with speculations on the connections between racial disparities and seasonal differences in sepsis and vitamin D insufficiency.

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