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Corresponding author. E-mail vcorces@emory.edu .

We thank Mattias Mannervik for the gift of CBP antibody and members of the Corces Lab for invaluable discussions.

We also thank The Genomic Services Lab at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology for their help in performing Illumina sequencing of ChIP-seq samples.


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This work was supported by U.S. Public Health Service Award GM35463 from the National Institutes of Health.

Genome-wide phosphoacetylation of histone H3 at Drosophila enhancers and promoters


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Genome Research


Volume 22, Number 6


, Pages 1081-1088

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Transcription regulation is mediated by enhancers that bind sequence-specific transcription factors, which in turn interact with the promoters of the genes they control. Here, we show that the JIL-1 kinase is present at both enhancers and promoters of ecdysone-induced Drosophila genes, where it phosphorylates the Ser10 and Ser28 residues of histone H3. JIL-1 is also required for CREB binding protein (CBP)-mediated acetylation of Lys27, a well-characterized mark of active enhancers. The presence of these proteins at enhancers and promoters of ecdysone-induced genes results in the establishment of the H3K9acS10ph and H3K27acS28ph marks at both regulatory sequences. These modifications are necessary for the recruitment of 14-3-3, a scaffolding protein capable of facilitating interactions between two simultaneously bound proteins. Chromatin conformation capture assays indicate that interaction between the enhancer and the promoter is dependent on the presence of JIL-1, 14-3-3, and CBP. Genome-wide analyses extend these conclusions to most Drosophila genes, showing that the presence of JIL-1, H3K9acS10ph, and H3K27acS28ph is a general feature of enhancers and promoters in this organism.

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