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This work was supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health (DK72564, DK61379, and DK79392 to C.P.; DK53202, DK55679, and DK59888 to A.N.; and DK64399 [NIH Digestive Diseases Research Consortium tissue culture and morphology grant]) and the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America (fellowship award to S.K., and C.T.C.).

Tight function zonula occludens-3 regulates cyclin D1–dependent cell proliferation


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Molecular Biology of the Cell


Volume 22, Number 10


, Pages 1677-1685

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ABSTRACT: Coordinated regulation of cell proliferation is vital for epithelial tissue homeostasis, and uncontrolled proliferation is a hallmark of carcinogenesis. A growing body of evidence indicates that epithelial tight junctions (TJs) play a role in these processes, although the mechanisms involved are poorly understood. In this study, we identify and characterize a novel plasma membrane pool of cyclin D1 with cell-cycle regulatory functions. We have determined that the zonula occludens (ZO) family of TJ plaque proteins sequesters cyclin D1 at TJs during mitosis, through an evolutionarily conserved class II PSD-95, Dlg, and ZO-1 (PDZ)-binding motif within cyclin D1. Disruption of the cyclin D1/ZO complex through mutagenesis or siRNA-mediated suppression of ZO-3 resulted in increased cyclin D1 proteolysis and G0/G1 cell-cycle retention. This study highlights an important new role for ZO family TJ proteins in regulating epithelial cell proliferation through stabilization of cyclin D1 during mitosis.

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