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Correspondence: Gaurav P Patel, Department of Anesthesiology, Emory University School of Medicine, 1364 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA 30332, USA, Tel +1 404 778 4900, Email gaurav.patel@emory.edu

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  • anesthesiology clerkship
  • general surgery rotation
  • medical students
  • perioperative medicine

The role of pairing an anesthesiology rotation with the general surgery clerkship: positive impact on surgical and perioperative education.


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Advances in Medical Education and Practice


Volume 9


, Pages 93-97

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Background: The use of an anesthesiology rotation in the realm of surgical education is not very well studied. Several studies show the importance of an anesthesiology rotation in the grand scheme of undergraduate medical education. However, its importance in perioperative medicine and surgical education is not very well understood. This study attempts to look at this relationship and determine whether or not a temporal relationship between this anesthesiology rotation and a surgical rotation is important. Methods: I used an online survey tool to survey medical students who took the anesthesiology rotation (required rotation) in 2014 and 2015 (when rotation was coupled to surgical rotation) and compared those data to the data of students who took the rotation in 2016 (when the rotation was not coupled to surgery). I asked several questions looking at the importance of the anesthesiology rotation to surgical education and to perioperative medicine. Results: Having a required anesthesiology rotation appears to add value to the general surgery rotation in undergraduate medical education. Furthermore, when this rotation is paired with the general surgery rotation, it appears that the students learn more about perioperative medicine than when the rotation is paired with other "advanced" rotation. Conclusion: The pairing of anesthesiology with a general surgery rotation does indeed improve the perioperative medicine education and knowledge of students. Students appreciate having a week of anesthesiology with the surgical rotation, and they note that it adds value to the general surgery rotation.

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