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Corresponding author. dliotta@emory.edu

We thank Dr. R. Pai and Kim L. Rapp for performing the RT assays.


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This work was supported by NIH grants 2R37AI-28731 (DCL), 1R37AI-41890 (RFS), Emory’s CFAR grant 5P30-AI150409, and the Department of Veterans Affairs (RFS).


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Synthesis and evalution of 2'-substituted cyclobutyl nucleosides and nucleotides as potential anti-HIV agents


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Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters


Volume 17, Number 12


, Pages 3398-3401

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Article | Post-print: After Peer Review


A series of 2′-substituted cyclobutyl nucleoside analogs were efficiently prepared by constructing the core cyclobutyl ring using different [2+2] cycloaddition approaches. The triphosphate derivative of a cyclobutyl nucleoside was also synthesized and evaluated against wild-type and mutant HIV reverse transcriptases (RT). Whereas the nucleoside analogs were inactive against HIV-1 in culture, the nucleotide showed good activity not only against wild-type and recombinant HIV RT (IC 50 = 4.7, 6.9 μM), but also against the M184I and M184V mutants (IC 50 = 6.1, 6.9 μM) in cell-free assays.

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