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E-Book Longevity--Dynamics of E-Books Over Time


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Charleston, SC

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A substantial number of bibliometric studies have focused upon analyzing the circulation dynamics of print titles in academic library collections. A significant focus of this data collection and investigation is on the use of new, or approval titles or firm orders over certain time increments, as a means to assess the efficacy of such approval plans and/or of librarian anticipatory selection. A few studies have begun to approach such collection assessment on e-books to determine if their circulation (use) parallels print book circulation and use over time. For example, do e-titles chosen by selectors have a higher use than those in broad subject or publisher packages? Does the proportion of use of a package over time mirror that of a “package” of approval titles over the same amount of time? Of course, there are significant differences in e-book vs. print use (and what one can measure), so any conclusions will remain very tentative. This presentation will focus on several e-book packages, as well as e-book firm ordering, at Emory to see if any discernable circulation dynamics can be found, and what, if any, similarities there are with print circulation studies.
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