Exercise and the Immune System


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The Rehabilitation Specialist’s Handbook


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The 4th Edition of the gold standard of rehabilitation resources is now in full color and thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the art and science of practice today! A compendium of frequently used, but rarely memorized information organized for easy reference, it covers an extraordinary breadth of topics—from the full range of basic scientific information (neuroanatomy and clinical neurology, osteology and clinical orthopedics, general anatomy, cardiac and pulmonary anatomy) to the treatments and methods used in modern rehabilitation practice. With its outcome and evidence-based focus and several expert contributors, this text is a must for PT’s at any stage in their career. - See more at: http://www.fadavis.com/product/rehabilitation-specialist-handbook-4#sthash.LID2Z68z.dpuf

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© 2013 Paperback 1296 pages

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