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Correspondence: Patrick.Jeurissen@radboudumc.nl

PJ wrote the final manuscript. AD and RS contributed to the analysis and earlier drafts.

The authors want to thank the two anonymous reviewers for their valuable comments.

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  • European hospitals
  • Governance
  • Privatization
  • Payment reform
  • Cost-containment
  • Hospital management
  • Hospital business models

Uncomfortable realities: the challenge of creating real change in Europe’s consolidating hospital sector


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BMC Health Services Research


Volume 16, Number S2


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Background: This article examines uncomfortable realities that the European hospital sector currently faces and the potential impact of wide-spread rationalization policies such as (hospital) payment reform and privatization. Methods: Review of relevant international literature. Results: Based on the evidence we present, rationalization policies such as (hospital) payment reform and privatization will probably fall short in delivering better quality of care and lower growth in health expenses. Reasons can be sought in a mix of evidence on the effectiveness of these rationalization policies. Nevertheless, pressures for different business models will gradually continue to increase and it seems safe to assume that more value-added process business and facilitated network models will eventually emerge. Conclusions: The overall argument of this article holds important implications for future research: how can policymakers generate adequate leverage to introduce such changes without destroying necessary hospital capacity and the ability to produce quality healthcare.

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