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Sipping from a Bag: Ingesting Disk Images with BagIt


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Open Repositories 2016

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Ingesting born digital disk image content into a repository is still fairly uncommon, and has its challenges, which include the need to preserve provenance and handle large files. Born digital disk images are still a fairly new concern, but one that is likely to become more common. It is also a format likely to grow in average size, as archives accession materials from more recent computers with larger hard drives. For our content, we make use of bagit to calculate checksums prior to ingest and to ensure data integrity from the archivist’s workstation into the repository. An archivist creates a bag with a disk image master and supplemental files, which provide details about the disk image capture process. That bag, which is effectively the Submission Information Packet (SIP) for our curation system, is uploaded to a shared network drive. The curation application validates the bag and then converts it into a Fedora 3.x-compatible SIP, adds basic descriptive (MODS) and PREMIS object metadata (including two different checksums from the bag metadata), converts local paths into file URIs accessible to Fedora, and then passes in checksums from the bag metadata for Fedora to verify before ingest.

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