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Creating a User-centric ETD Experience


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2013 United States Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Association conference

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Emory University's Electronic Theses and Dissertations program began in 2007 and includes the deposit of all dissertations and theses by graduating Ph.D., Master's and undergraduate Honors students. As a mature program with an older submission system, Emory's ETDs needed a facelift to meet the needs of today's digitally oriented students. Given current staffing levels, a complete redevelopment of the system was not feasible. However, the ETD team identified several areas for cost effective improvements of both the ETD submission system and the support services offered. This poster will help generate "best practice" solutions for institutions supporting ETD programs by highlighting how the Scholarly Communications Office and ETD staff undertook a collaborative effort to revamp the program, including: - usability testing of the submission website leading to easily implemented updates, - revised Scholarly Communications materials covering copyright, - evolving suite of services offered by the Scholarly Communications Office, - a new proactive approach to informational sessions and hands-on submission workshops, - online accessible documentation of ETD policies and procedures, - and development of quantitative and qualitative measurements. Emory's ETD program not only benefitted from the changes listed above, but also from the stronger communication between the Scholarly Communications Office and ETD staff that began with this project. The result is a stronger and more cohesive ETD program that leaves Emory's students with a favorable impression of the University as they graduate.

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