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  • Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy
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Anti-KEL Sera Prevents Alloimmunization to Transfused KEL RBCs in a Murine Model.


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Alloantibodies against red blood cell (RBC) antigens, which may be generated following exposure to foreign antigens on transfused RBCs or on fetal RBCs during pregnancy, can be clinically significant from the standpoint of morbidity and mortality.1 In the transfusion setting, RBC alloantibodies can lead to premature clearance of transfused RBCs, resulting in hemolytic transfusion reactions and even death in severe cases. In the pregnancy setting, these antibodies can cause hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn (HDFN). With the exception of RhIg, which is primarily utilized to prevent Rh(D) alloimmunization in pregnancy, no antigen specific targeted therapies exist to prevent RBC alloimmunization.

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