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We thank J. Richter, R. Singer and J. Yisraeli for organizing this stimulating conference, as well as all the participants for their contributions.

We apologize to those who could not be cited owing to space constraints.

We also thank Target conferences and our hosts at Kfar Blum for their hospitality, and EMBO, the National Institutes of Mental Health and the Israel Science Foundation for support of the conference.



  • axon growth
  • local protein synthesis
  • mRNA localization
  • mRNA translation plasticity

RNA exodus to Israel: RNA controlling function in the far reaches of the neuron


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EMBO Reports


Volume 7, Number 1


, Pages 31-35

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Article | Post-print: After Peer Review


Summary Workshop on RNA Control of Neuronal Function

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© 2006, European Molecular Biology Organization

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