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To whom correspondence should be addressed. Dr. Dale E. Edmondson: Department of Biochemistry, Rollins Research Bldg. Emory University, 1510 Clifton Rd. Atlanta, GA 30322; deedmon@emory.edu; Phone: 404-727-5972; Fax: 404-727-2738


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National Institute of General Medical Sciences : NIGMS

This work was supported by National Institutes of Health Grant GM-29433 (D.E.E.).

Topological Probes of Monoamine Oxidases A and B in Rat Liver Mitochondria: Inhibition by TEMPO-Substituted Pargyline Analogues and Inactivation by Proteolysis†


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Volume 50, Number 13


, Pages 2499-2505

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Article | Post-print: After Peer Review


TEMPO-substituted pargyline analogues differentially inhibit recombinant human Monoamine Oxidase A (MAO A) and B (MAO B) in intact yeast mitochondria suggesting these membrane-bound enzymes are located on differing faces of the mitochondrial outer membrane (Upadhyay, A. and Edmondson, D.E., Biochemistry 48, 3928, 2009). This approach is extended to the recombinant rat enzymes and to rat liver mitochondria. The differential specificities exhibited for human MAO A and MAO B by the meta- and para-amido TEMPO pargylines are not as absolute with the rat enzymes. Similar patterns of reactivity are observed for rat MAO A and B in mitochondrial outer membrane preparations expressed in Pichia pastoris or isolated from rat liver. In intact yeast mitochondria, recombinant rat MAO B is inhibited by the pargyline analogue whereas MAO A activity shows no inhibition. Intact rat liver mitochondria exhibit an opposite inhibition pattern to that observed in yeast where MAO A is inhibited and MAO B activity is unaffected. Protease inactivation studies show specificity in that MAO A is sensitive to trypsin whereas MAO B is sensitive to β-chymotrypsin. In intact mitochondrial preparations, MAO A is readily inactivated in rat liver but not in yeast on trypsin treatment and MAO B is readily inactivated by β-chymotrypsin in yeast but not in rat liver. These data show MAO A is oriented on the cytosolic face and MAO B is situated on the surface facing the intermembrane space of the mitochondrial outer membrane in rat liver. The differential mitochondrial outer membrane topology of MAO A and MAO B is relevant to their inhibition by drugs designed to be cardio-protectants or neuro-protectants.

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