Zhengqi Wang

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Email: zhengqi.wang@emory.edu

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Asst Professor

SOM: Peds: Leukemia Lymphoma

School Of Medicine

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Postural control processes during standing and step initiation in autism spectrum disorder

by Erin K. Bojanek; Zheng Wang Zheng Wang; Zhengqi Wang; Stormi White; Matthew W. Mosconi



Precision Sensorimotor Control in Aging FMR1 Gene Premutation Carriers

by Walker S. McKinney; Zhengqi Wang; Shannon Kelly; Pravin Khemani; Su Lui; Stormi White; Matthew W. Mosconi



AF1q is a novel TCF7 co-factor which activates CD44 and promotes breast cancer metastasis

by Jino Park; Michaela Schlederer; Martin Schreiber; Ryan Ice; Olaf Merkel; Martin Bilban; Sebastian Hofbauer; Soojin Kim; Joseph Addison; Jie Zou; Silvia Bunting; Zhengqi Wang; Menachem Shoham; Gang Huang; Zsuzsanna Bago-Horvath; Laura F. Gibson; Yon Rojanasakul; Scot Remick; Alexey Ivanov; Elena Pugacheva; Kevin Bunting; Richard Moriggl; Lukas Kenner; William Tse