Zhaohui Qin

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Phone: 404-712-9576

Email: zhaohui.qin@emory.edu

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Assoc Professor

SPH: Biostatistics

School Of Public Health

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Insulator function and topological domain border strength scale with architectural protein occupancy

by Kevin Van Bortle; Michael H Nichols; Li Li; Ong Chin-Tong ; Naomi Takenaka; Zhaohui Qin; Victor Corces



Association study in African-admixed populations across the Americas recapitulates asthma risk loci in non-African populations

by Michelle Daya; Nicholas Rafaels; Tonya M. Brunetti; Sameer Chavan; Albert M. Levin; Aniket Shetty; Christopher R. Gignoux; Meher Preethi Boorgula; Genevieve Wojcik; Monica Campbell; Candelaria Vergara; Dara G. Torgerson; Victor E. Ortega; Ayo Doumatey; Henry Richard Johnston; Nathalie Acevedo; Maria Ilma Araujo; Zhaohui Qin; Adolfo Correa; Yijuan Hu



Optimized distributed systems achieve significant performance improvement on sorted merging of massive VCF files

by Xiaobo Sun; Jingjing Gao; Peng Jin; Celeste Eng; Esteban G. Burchard; Terri H. Beaty; Ingo Ruczinski; Rasika A. Mathias; Kathleen Barnes; Fusheng Wang; Zhaohui Qin



Allogeneic T cell responses are regulated by a specific miRNA-mRNA network

by Yaping Sun; Isao Tawara; Meng Zhao; Zhaohui Qin; Tomomi Toubai; Nathan Mathewson; Hiroya Tamaki; Evelyn Nieves; Arul M. Chinnaiyan; Pavan Reddy



Identifying tagging SNPs for African specific genetic variation from the African Diaspora Genome.

by Henry Richard Johnston; Yijuan Hu; Jingjing Gao; Timothy D. O'Connor; Gonçalo R. Abecasis; Genevieve L. Wojcik; Christopher Gignoux; Pierre-Antoine Gourraud; Antoine Lizee; Mark Hansen; Rob Genuario; Dave Bullis; Cindy Lawley; Eimear E. Kenny; Carlos Bustamante; Terri H. Beaty; Rasika A. Mathias; Kathleen C. Barnes; Zhaohui Qin; CAAPA Consortium CAAPA Consortium



Cooperation between Polycomb and androgen receptor during oncogenic transformation

by Jonathan C. Zhao; Jianjun Yu; Christine Runkle; Longtao Wu; Ming Hu; Dayong Wu; Jun S. Liu; Qianben Wang; Zhaohui Qin; Jindan Yu



Bayesian Inference of Spatial Organizations of Chromosomes

by Ming Hu; Ke Deng; Zhaohui Qin; Jesse Dixon; Siddarth Selvaraj; Jennifer Fang; Bing Ren; Jun S. Liu