Zhiyong Lin


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Myeloid CCN3 protects against aortic valve calcification

by Hanjoong Jo; Zhiyong Lin; Xianming Zhou; P Tu; Q Xu; N Villa-Roel; S Kumar; N Dong; C Ou



Protein Phosphatase 2A Deficiency in Macrophages Increases Foam Cell Formation and Accelerates Atherosclerotic Lesion Development

by Rui Li; Chao Zhang; Fei Xie; Xianming Zhao; Xingjian Hu; Jiawei Shi; Xinling Du; Zhiyong Lin; Nianguo Dong



Dynamic CCN3 expression in the murine CNS does not confer essential roles in myelination or remyelination

by Nira de la Vega Gallardo; Rosana Penalva; Marie Dittmer; Michelle Naughton; John Falconer; Jill Moffat; Alerie G. de la Fuente; Jose R. Hombrebueno; Zhiyong Lin; Bernard Perbal; Rebecca J. Ingram; Emma Evergren; Denise C. Fitzgerald