Zhongxing Liang MD/PhD

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Phone: 404-778-5443

Email: zliang@emory.edu

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Scientist, Asst (AR) SOM

SOM: Medicine: Digestive Dis

School Of Medicine

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Development of a Unique Small Molecule Modulator of CXCR4

by Zhongxing Liang; Weiqiang Zhan; Aizhi Zhu; Younghyoun Yoon; Songbai Lin; Maiko Sasaki; Jan-Michael A. Klapproth; Hua Yang; Hans Grossniklaus; Jianguo Xu; Mauricio Rojas; Ronald Voll; Mark Goodman; Richard F. Arrendale; Jin Liu; Chang-Hyon Yun; James P. Snyder; Dennis C Liotta; Hyunsuk Shim



Symmetrical bis-tertiary amines as novel CXCR4 inhibitors

by Renren Bai; Zhongxing Liang; Younghyoun Yoon; Shuangping Liu; Theresa Gaines; Yoonhyeun Oum; Qi Shi; Suazette Reid Mooring; Hyunsuk Shim



Development of CXCR4 modulators by virtual HTS of a novel amidesulfamide compound library

by Renren Bai; Qi Shi; Zhongxing Liang; Younghyoun Yoon; Yiran Han; Amber Feng; Shuangping Liu; Yoonhyeun Oum; Chris Yun; Hyunsuk Shim