Zachary Buchwald


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Immune niches in brain metastases contain TCF1+ stem-like T cells, are associated with disease control and are modulated by preoperative SRS.

by Hal Scherz; Haydn Kissick; Stewart Neill; Jim Zhong; Edjah Nduom; Zachary Buchwald; C Jansen; R Prabhu; M Pagadala; P Chappa; S Goyal; C Zhou; N Prokhnevska; M Cardenas; K Hoang; S Logan; J Olson; L Del Balzo; K Patel; S Burri; A Asher; S Wilkinson; R Lake; K Higgins; P Patel; V Dhere; A Sowalsky; M Khan



Leptomeningeal disease and neurologic death after surgical resection and radiosurgery for brain metastases: A multi-institutional analysis

by Roshan S Prabhu; Brandon E Turner; Anthony L Asher; Samuel R Marcrom; John B Fiveash; Paul M Foreman; Robert H Press; Zachary Buchwald; Walter J Curran; Kirtesh R Patel; William G Breen; Paul D Brown; Krishan R Jethwa; Inga S Grills; Jessica D Arden; Lauren M Foster; Matthew A Manning; Zachary K Vaslow; Stuart H Burri; Scott G Soltys



The Association Between Radiotherapy Dose and Overall Survival In Patients with Grade 2 Intracranial Infiltrative Glioma Treated with Concurrent and/or Adjuvant Chemotherapy

by Roshan S Prabhu; Matthew C Ward; John H Heinzerling; Chrsitopher D Corso; Zachary Buchwald; Reshika Dhakal; Anthony Asher; Ashley L Sumrall; Stuart H Burri