Zakaria Almuwaqqat

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Joint Associations of Obesity and NT-proBNP With the Incidence of Atrial Fibrillation in the ARIC Study

by Zakaria Almuwaqqat; Wesley T. O'Neal; Faye L. Norby; Pamela L. Lutsey; Elizabeth Selvin; Elsayed Z. Soliman; Lin Y. Chen; Alvaro Alonso



Myocardial Ischemia and Mobilization of Circulating Progenitor Cells

by Muhammad Hammadah; Ayman Samman Tahhan; Ibhar Al Mheid; Kobina Wilmot; Ronnie Ramadan; Bryan R. Kindya; Heval M. Kelli; Wesley T. O'Neal; Pratik Sandesara; Samaah Sullivan; Zakaria Almuwaqqat; Malik Obideen; Naser Abdelhadi; Ayman Alkhoder; Pratik M. Pimple; Oleksiy Levantsevych; Kareem H. Mohammed; Lei Weng; Laurence S Sperling; Amit J. Shah; Yan Sun; Brad Pearce; Michael Kutner; Laura Ward; J. Douglas Bremner; Jinhee Kim; Edmund K Waller; Paolo Raggi; David Sheps; Viola Vaccarino; Arshed Ali Quyyumi



Progenitor Cells and Clinical Outcomes in Patients With Acute Coronary Syndromes

by Ayman Samman Tahhan; Muhammad Hammadah; Mohamad Raad; Zakaria Almuwaqqat; Ayman Alkhoder; Pratik B Sandesara; Heval Mohamed-Kelli; Salim S Hayek; Jeong Hwan Kim; Wesley T O'Neal; Matthew L Topel; Aubrey J Grant; Nabil Sabbak; Robert E Heinl; Mohamad Mazen Gafeer; Malik Obideen; Belal Kaseer; Nasser Abdelhadi; Yi-An Ko; Chang Liu; Iraj Hesaroieh; Ernestine A Mahar; Viola Vaccarino; Edmund K Waller; Arshed Ali Quyyumi



The association between acute mental stress and abnormal left atrial electrophysiology

by Wesley T. O'Neal; Muhammad Hammadah; Pratik B. Sandesara; Zakaria Almuwaqqat; Ayman Samman-Tahhan; Mohamad M. Gafeer; Naser Abdelhadi; Kobina Wilmot; Ibhar Al Mheid; Douglas J. Bremner; Michael Kutner; Elsayed Z. Soliman; Amit Shah; Arshed Quyyumi; Laura Vaccarino