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Expansion of a urethritis-associated Neisseria meningitidis clade in the United States with concurrent acquisition of N. gonorrhoeae alleles

by Adam C. Retchless; Cecilia B. Kretz; How-Yi Chang; Jose A. Bazan; A. Jeanine Abrams; Abigai Norris Turner; Laurel T. Jenkins; David L. Trees; Yih-Ling Tzeng; David S Stephens; Jessica R. MacNeil; Xin Wang



Repeat Episodes of Symptomatic Urethritis Due to a Uropathogenic Meningococcal Clade

by Yih-Ling Tzeng; David Stephens; JA Bazan; AM Carter; MA Brown; B Snyder; DJ Prince; AN Turner



Emergence of a new Neisseria meningitidis clonal complex 11 lineage 11.2 clade as an effective urogenital pathogen

by Yih-Ling Tzeng; Jose A. Bazan; Abigail Norris Turner; Xin Wang; Adam C. Retchless; Timothy D Read; Evelyn Toh; David E. Nelson; Carlos Del Rio; David S Stephens



Characterization of DsbD in Neisseria meningitidis

by Pradeep Kumar; Soma Sannigrahi; Jessica Scoullar; Charlene M. Kahler; Yih-Ling Tzeng



Tailoring silver nanodots for intracellular staining

by Sungmoon Choi; Junhua Yu; Sandeep A. Patel; Yih-Ling Tzeng; Robert M. Dickson



Notes from the Field: Increase in Neisseria meningitidis-Associated Urethritis Among Men at Two Sentinel Clinics - Columbus, Ohio, and Oakland County, Michigan, 2015.

by Jose A. Bazan; Amy S. Peterson; Robert D. Kirkcaldy; Elizabeth Camille Briere; Courtney Maierhofer; Abigail Norris Turner; Denisse B. Licon; Nicole Parker; Amanda Dennison; Melissa Ervin; Laura Johnson; Barbara Weberman; Pamela Hackert; Xin Wang; Cecilia B. Kretz; A. Jeanine Abrams; David L. Trees; Carlos Del Rio; David Stephens; Yih-Ling Tzeng; Mary DiOrio; Mysheika Williams Roberts