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SOM: Neurology: Movement Disor

School Of Medicine

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PSD-95 Interacts with NBCn1 and Enhances Channel-like Activity without Affecting Na/HCO3 Cotransport

by Soojung Lee; Han Soo Yang; Eunjin Kim; Eun Ji Ju; Min Hyung Kwon; R. Kyle Dudley; Yoland Smith; Chris Yun; Inyeong Choi



Secretagogin expression delineates functionally-specialized populations of striatal parvalbumin-containing interneurons

by Farid N. Garas; Rahul S. Shah; Eszter Kormann; Natalie M. Doig; Federica Vinciati; Kouichi C. Nakamura; Matthijs Dorst; Yoland Smith; Peter J. Magill; Andrew Sharott



MeCP2 Regulates the Synaptic Expression of a Dysbindin-BLOC-1 Network Component in Mouse Brain and Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neurons

by Jennifer Lynn Larimore; Pearl V. Ryder; Kun-Yong Kim; Alex Ambrose; Christopher Chapleau; Gaston Calfa; Christina Gross; Gary Bassell; Lucas Pozzo-Miller; Yoland Smith; Konrad Talbot; In-Hyun Park; Victor Faundez



Glutamate-Dependent Neuroglial Calcium Signaling Differs Between Young and Adult Brain

by Wei Sun; Evan McConnell; Jean-Francois Pare; Qiwu Xu; Michael Chen; Weiguo Peng; Ditte Lovatt; Xiaoning Han; Yoland Smith; Maiken Nedergaard