Yunshan Liu MD

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Research Specialist, Senior

SOM: Medicine: Digestive Dis

School Of Medicine

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Loss of Junctional Adhesion Molecule A Promotes Severe Steatohepatitis in Mice on a Diet High in Saturated Fat, Fructose, and Cholesterol

by Khalidur Rahman; Chirayu Desai; S. Iyer; Natalie E. Thorn; Pradeep Kumar; Yunshan Liu; Tekla Smith; Andrew Neish; Hongliang Li; Shiyun Tan; Pengbo Wu; Xiaoxiong Liu; Yuanjie Yu; Alton Farris III; Asma Nusrat; Charles A. Parkos; Frank Anania



Adiponectin inhibits hepatic stellate cell activation by targeting the PTEN/AKT pathway

by Pradeep Kumar; Reben Raeman; Daniel M. Chopyk; Tekla Smith; Kiran Verma; Yunshan Liu; Frank A. Anania



Periostin promotes liver fibrogenesis by activating lysyl oxidase in hepatic stellate cells

by Pradeep Kumar; Tekla Smith; Reben Raeman; Daniel M Chopyk; Hannah Brink; Yunshan Liu; Todd Sulchek; Frank Anania



Formula Feeding Predisposes Gut to NSAID-Induced Small Intestinal Injury.

by A Schuck-Phan; T Phan; Paul Dawson; EJ Dial; C Bell; Yunshan Liu; JM Rhoads; LM Lichtenberger