Yunshan Liu MD


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Sex-Specific Regulation of Interferon-gamma Cytotoxicity in Mouse Liver by Autophagy

by Yang Shen; Francesca Cingolani; Shoaib Ahmad Malik; Jing Wen; Yunshan Liu; Mark Czaja



Blocking integrin alpha(4)beta(7)-mediated CD4 T cell recruitment to the intestine and liver protects mice from western diet-induced non-alcoholic steatohepatitis

by Pradeep Kumar; Ravi P Rai; Yunshan Liu; Smita S Iyer; Biki Gupta; Chirayu Desai; Tekla Smith; Aatur D Singhi; Asma Nusrat; Charles Parkos; Satdarshan P Monga; Mark Czaja; Frank Anania; Reben Raeman



Decreased Hepatocyte Autophagy Leads to Synergistic IL-1 beta and TNF Mouse Liver Injury and Inflammation

by Yang Shen; Shoaib Ahmad Malik; Muhammad Amir; Pradeep Kumar; Francesca Cingolani; Jing Wen; Yunshan Liu; Enpeng Zhao; Alton B Farris; Reben Raeman; Mark Czaja



Mouse liver injury induces hepatic macrophage FGF23 production

by Pradeep Kumar; Yunshan Liu; Yang Shen; Jacquelyn J Maher; Francesca Cingolani; Mark Czaja



Adiponectin inhibits hepatic stellate cell activation by targeting the PTEN/AKT pathway

by Pradeep Kumar; Reben Raeman; Daniel M. Chopyk; Tekla Smith; Kiran Verma; Yunshan Liu; Frank A. Anania