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Production of Potent Fully Human Polyclonal Antibodies against Ebola Zaire Virus in Transchromosomal Cattle

by John M. Dye; Hua Wu; Jay W. Hooper; Surender Khurana; Ana I. Kuehne; Elizabeth M. Coyle; Ramon A. Ortiz; Sandra Fuentes; Andrew S. Herbert; Hana Golding; Russell A. Bakken; Jennifer M. Brannan; Steve A. Kwilas; Eddie J. Sullivan; Thomas C. Luke; Gale Smith; Gregory Glenn; Wenfang Li; Ling Ye; Chinglai Yang; Richard Compans; Ralph A. Tripp; Jin-an Jiao



Site-specific Isopeptide Bridge Tethering of Chimeric gp41 N-terminal Heptad Repeat Helical Trimers for the Treatment of HIV-1 Infection

by Chao Wang; Xue Li; Fei Yu; Lu Lu; Xifeng Jiang; Xiaoyu Xu; Huixin Wang; Wenqing Lai; Tianhong Zhang; Zhenqing Zhang; Ling Ye; Shibo Jiang; Keliang Liu



Characterization of Immune Responses Induced by Immunization with the HA DNA Vaccines of Two Antigenically Distinctive H5N1 HPAIV Isolates

by Yulong Gao; Zhiyuan Wen; Ke Dong; Gongxun Zhong; Xiaomei Wang; Zhigao Bu; Hualan Chen; Ling Ye; Chinglai Yang



Protection against lethal challenge by Ebola virus-like particles produced in insect cells

by Yuliang Sun; Ricardo Carrion; Ling Ye; Zhiyuan Wen; Young-Tae Ro; Kathleen Brasky; Anysha E. Ticer; E. Ellen Schwegler; Jean L. Patterson; Richard W Compans; Chinglai Yang