Yi Jiang


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Predicting Metastasis Risk in Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors Using Deep Learning Image Analysis

by Sergey Klimov; Yue Xue; Arkadiusz Gertych; Rondell P. Graham; Yi Jiang; Shristi Bhattarai; Stephen J. Pandol; Emad A. Rakha; Michelle Reid; Ritu Aneja



Novel Epothilone Lactones by an Unusual Diversion of the Grubbs' Metathesis Reaction

by Qiao-Hong Chen; Thota Ganesh; Yi Jiang; Abhijit Banerjee; Shubhada Sharma; Susan Bane; James P Snyder; David G. I. Kingston



Design and Synthesis of C6-C8 Bridged Epothilone A

by Weiqiang Zhan; Yi Jiang; Peggy J. Brodie; David G. I. Kingston; Dennis C Liotta; James P Snyder