Young Jang


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Identifying dysregulated immune cell subsets following volumetric muscle loss with pseudo-time trajectories

by Nick Willett; Edward Botchwey; Young Jang; LA Hymel; SE Anderson; TC Turner; WY York; H Zhang; AR Liversage; HS Lim; P Qiu; LJ Mortensen



Neutrophil and natural killer cell imbalances prevent muscle stem cell-mediated regeneration following murine volumetric muscle loss

by Jacqueline A Larouche; Paula M Fraczek; Sarah J Kurpiers; Benjamin A Yang; Carol Davis; Jesus A Castor-Macias; Kaitlyn Sabin; Shannon Anderson; Julia Harrer; Matthew Hall; Susan V. Brooks; Young Jang; Nick Willett; Lonnie D Shea; Carlos A Aguilar



Modulating local S1P receptor signaling as a regenerative immunotherapy after volumetric muscle loss injury

by Lauren A Hymel; Molly E Ogle; Shannon E Anderson; Cheryl L San Emeterio; Thomas C Turner; William Y York; Alan Y Liu; Claire E Olingy; Sraeyes Sridhar; Hong Seo Lim; Todd Sulchek; Peng Qiu; Young Jang; Nick Willett; Edward Botchwey



Nanofiber-Based Delivery of Bioactive Lipids Promotes Pro-regenerative Inflammation and Enhances Muscle Fiber Growth After Volumetric Muscle Loss

by Cheryl L. San Emeterio; Lauren A. Hymel; Thomas C. Turner; Molly E. Ogle; Emily G. Pendleton; William Y. York; Claire E. Olingy; Alan Y. Liu; Hong Seo Lim; Todd A. Sulchek; Gordon L. Warren; Luke J. Mortensen; Peng Qiu; Young Jang; Nick Willett; Edward Botchwey