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SPH: Global Health

School Of Public Health

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Effectiveness of Monovalent Rotavirus Vaccine Against Hospitalization With Acute Rotavirus Gastroenteritis in Kenyan Children

by Robert Breiman; Jennifer Verani; O. Addo; S Khagayi; R Omore; GP Otieno; B Ogwel; JB Ochieng; J Juma; E Apondi; G Bigogo; C Onyango; M Ngama; R Njeru; BE Owor; MJ Mwanga; C Tabu; A Amwayi; JM Mwenda; JE Tate; UD Parashar; DJ Nokes



Adjusting soluble transferrin receptor concentrations for inflammation: Biomarkers Reflecting Inflammation and Nutritional Determinants of Anemia (BRINDA) project

by Fabian Rohner; Sorrel ML Namaste; Leila M. Larson; O. Addo; Zuguo Mei; Parminder Suchdev; Anne Williams; Fayrouz A Sakr Ashour; Rahul Rawat; Daniel J. Raiten; Christine A. Northrop-Clewes



Predictors of fetal anemia and cord blood malaria parasitemia among newborns of HIV-positive mothers

by Amos K Laar; Fredrick E Grant; O Yaw Addo; Ireneous Soyiri; Bright Nkansah; James Abugri; Alexander S Laar; William K Ampofo; Juliette M Tuakli; Isabella A Quakyi



Determinants of Anemia among School-Aged Children in Mexico, the United States and Colombia

by Sana Syed; O. Addo; Vanessa De la Cruz-Gongora; Fayrouz A. Sakr Ashour; Thomas Ziegler; Parminder Suchdev



Impact of the Introduction of Rotavirus Vaccine on Hospital Admissions for Diarrhea Among Children in Kenya: A Controlled Interrupted Time-Series Analysis

by Robert Breiman; Jennifer Verani; O. Addo; GP Otieno; C Bottomley; S Khagayi; I Adetifa; M Ngama; R Omore; B Ogwel; BE Owor; G Bigogo; JB Ochieng; C Onyango; J Juma; J Mwenda; C Tabu; JE Tate; T Britton; UD Parashar; DJ Nokes



Approaches to assess vitamin a status in settings of inflammation: Biomarkers reflecting inflammation and nutritional determinants of anemia (BRINDA) project

by Leila M. Larson; Junjie Guo; Anne M. Williams; Melissa Fox Young; Sanober Ismaily; O Yaw Addo; David Thurnham; Sherry A. Tanumihardjo; Parminder S Suchdev; Christine A. Northrop-Clewes