Xiangqin Cui


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An in vivo model of glioblastoma radiation resistance identifies long noncoding RNAs and targetable kinases

by Christian T Stackhouse; Joshua C Anderson; Zongliang Yue; Thanh Nguyen; Nicholas J Eustace; Catherine P Langford; Jelai Wang; James R Rowland IV; Chuan Xing; Fady Mikhail; Xiangqin Cui; Hasan Alrefai; Ryan E Bash; Kevin J Lee; Eddy S Yang; Anita B Hjelmeland; C Ryan Miller; Jake Y Chen; G Yancey Gillespie; Christopher D Willey



Use of FEF25-75% to Guide IgG Dosing to Protect Pulmonary Function in CVID

by Tracy Hwangpo; Zhixin Wang; Jack Ghably; Surya P Bhatt; Xiangqin Cui; HW Schroeder, Jr



Gain of function in somatic TP53 mutations is associated with immune‐rich breast tumors and changes in tumor‐associated macrophages

by Michael Behring; Ana I. Vazquez; Xiangqin Cui; Marguerite R. Irvin; Akinyemi I. Ojesina; Sumit Agarwal; Upender Manne; Sadeep Shrestha