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Rab11-FIP1C and Rab14 Direct Plasma Membrane Sorting and Particle Incorporation of the HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein Complex

by Mingli Qi; Janice A. Williams; Hin Chu; Xuemin Chen; Jaang-Jiun Wang; Lingmei Ding; Ehiole Akhirome; Xiaoyun Wen; Lynne A. Lapierre; James R. Goldenring; Paul Spearman



Two RSV Platforms for G, F, or G plus F Proteins VLPs

by Binh Ha; Jie E. Yang; Xuemin Chen; Samadhan J. Jadhao; Elizabeth Wright; Larry Anderson



Association of V(H)4-59 Antibody Variable Gene Usage with Recognition of an Immunodominant Epitope on the HIV-1 Gag Protein

by Valentine U. Chukwuma; Mark D. Hicar; Xuemin Chen; Katherine J. Nicholas; Amanda Joyner; Spyros A. Kalams; Gary Landucci; Donald N. Forthal; Paul Spearman; James E. Crowe, Jr



HIV-specific CD4-induced Antibodies Mediate Broad and Potent Antibody-dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity Activity and are Commonly Detected in Plasma from HIV-infected Humans

by Katherine L. Williams; Valerie Cortez; Adam S. Dingens; Johannes S. Gach; Stephanie Rainwater; Julie F. Weis; Xuemin Chen; Paul Spearman; Donald N. Forthal; Julie Overbaugh