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A Bisphenolic Honokiol Analog Outcompetes Oral Antimicrobial Agent Cetylpyridinium Chloride via a Membrane-Associated Mechanism

by Cristian Ochoa; Amy E. Solinski; Marcus Nowlan; Madeline Dekarske; William Wuest; Marisa C. Kozlowski



Total synthesis of (+)-pilosinine via a stereodivergent conjugate addition strategy

by William Wuest; CL Schrank; MW Danneman; EA Prebihalo; RE Anderson; TJ Gibson; RJ Mullins



Metallocene QACs: The Incorporation of Ferrocene Moieties into monoQAC and bisQAC Structures

by William Wuest; KJ Sommers; BS Bentley; RG Carden; SJ Post; RA Allen; RC Kontos; JW Black; KPC Minbiole



Broad Spectrum Antibiotic Xanthocillin X Effectively Kills Acinetobacter baumannii via Dysregulation of Heme Biosynthesis

by Philip Rather; William Wuest; I Huebner; JA Shapiro; J Hossmann; J Drechsel; SM Hacker; DH Pieper; SA Sieber