William Weintraub


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Cost-effectiveness of Icosapent Ethyl for High-risk Patients With Hypertriglyceridemia Despite Statin Treatment

by William Weintraub; Deepak L. Bhatt; Zugui Zhang; Sarahfaye Dolman; William E. Boden; Adam P. Bress; Jordan B. King; Brandon K. Bellows; Gabriel S. Tajeu; Catherine G. Derington; Jonathan Johnson; Katherine Andrade; P. Gabriel Steg; Michael Miller; Eliot A. Brinton; Terry Jacobson; Jean-Claude Tardif; Christie M. Ballantyne; Paul Kolm



Diagnosing and Managing Cutaneous Pigmented Lesions: Primary Care Physicians Versus Dermatologists

by Suephy C Chen; Michelle L Pennie; Paul Kolm; Erin M Warshaw; Eric L Weisberg; Katherine M Brown; Michael E Ming; William Seth Weintraub



Frequency, Predictors, and Consequences of Crossing Over to Revascularization Within 12 Months of Randomization to Optimal Medical Therapy in the Clinical Outcomes Utilizing Revascularization and Aggressive Drug Evaluation (COURAGE) Trial

by John A Spertus; David J Maron; David Cohen; Paul Kolm; Pam Hartigan; William Seth Weintraub; Daniel S. Berman; Robert O'Rourke; Koon K Teo; Leslee Shaw; Steven Sedlis; Merril Knudtson; Mihaela Aslan; Marcin Dada; William E. Boden; G. B. John Mancini



Endothelial Function and Aminothiol Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress in Healthy Adults

by Salman Ashfaq; Jerome L. Abramson; Dean P Jones; Steven D. Rhodes; William Seth Weintraub; W. Craig Hooper; Viola Vaccarino; R. Wayne Alexander; David G Harrison; Arshed Ali Quyyumi