Wendy Armstrong


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Human Immunodeficiency Virus transmission by HIV Risk Group and Along the HIV Care Continuum: A Contrast of 6 US Cities

by Carlos del Rio; Xiao Zang; Cassandra Mah; Amanda My Linh Quan; Jeong Eun Min; Wendy Armstrong; Czarina N Behrends; Carlos Del Rio; Julia C Dombrowski; Daniel J Feaster; Gregory D Kirk; Brandon DL Marshall; Shruti H Mehta; Lisa R Metsch; Ankur Pandya; Bruce R Schackman; Steven Shoptaw; Steffanie A Strathdee; Emanuel Krebs; Bohdan Nosyk



Hazardous alcohol use is associated with greater pain interference and prescription opioid misuse among persons living with HIV and chronic pain

by Belle Ngo; Jane M Liebschutz; Debbie M Cheng; Jonathan Colasanti; Jessica S Merlin; Wendy Armstrong; Leah S Forman; Marlene C Lira; Jeffrey H Samet; Carlos del Rio; Judith Tsui



Education of Infectious Diseases Fellows During the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities

by Lisa M Chirch; Wendy Armstrong; Gayle P Balba; Prathit A Kulkarni; Constance A Benson; Victoria Konold; Vera P Luther; Obinna N Nnedu; Sarah Perloff; Raymund R Razonable; Wendy Stead; George R Thompson; Michael T Melia



The Potential Epidemiological Impact of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Epidemic and the Cost-effectiveness of Linked, Opt-out HIV Testing: A Modeling Study in 6 US Cities

by Xiao Zang; Emanuel Krebs; Siyuan Chen; Micah Piske; Wendy Armstrong; Czarina N. Behrends; Carlos del Rio; Daniel J. Feaster; Brandon D. L. Marshall; Shruti H. Mehta; Jonathan Mermin; Lisa R. Metsch; Bruce R. Schackman; Steffanie A. Strathdee; Bohdan Nosyk