W. James Parks MD., MS., FAHA,


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Simulating hemodynamics of the Fontan Y-graft based on patient-specific in vivo connections

by Christopher M. Haggerty; Kirk R Kanter; Maria Restrepo; Diane A. de Zelicourt; Willie James Parks; Jarek Rossignac; Mark A. Fogel; Ajit Yoganathan



Preliminary Clinical Experience with a Bifurcated Y-Graft Fontan Procedure--A Feasibility Study

by Kirk R Kanter; Christopher M. Haggerty; Maria Restrepo; Diane A. de Zelicourt; Jarek Rossignac; Willie James Parks; Ajit Yoganathan



Hemodynamic predictors of aortic dilatation in bicuspid aortic valve by velocity-encoded cardiovascular magnetic resonance

by P Martijn den Reijer; Denver Sallee; Petra van der Velden; Eline R. Zaaijer; Willie James Parks; Senthil Ramamurthy; Trevor Q. Robbie; Giorgina Donati; Carey Lamphier; Rudolf P. Beekman; Marijn E. Brummer