Wenju Pan MD,PhD

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Email: wpan5@emory.edu

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Short-Time Windows of Correlation Between Large-Scale Functional Brain Networks Predict Vigilance Intraindividually and Interindividually

by Garth John Thompson; Matthew Evan Magnuson; Michael Donelyn Merritt; Hillary Schwarb; Wenju Pan; Andrew McKinley; Lloyd D. Tripp; Eric H. Schumacher; Shella Keilholz



Disentangling Multispectral Functional Connectivity With Wavelets

by Jacob C.W. Billings; Garth J. Thompson; Wenju Pan; Matthew E. Magnuson; Alessio Medda; Shella Keilholz



Resting Brain Fluctuations Are Intrinsically Coupled to Visual Response Dynamics

by Shella Keilholz; Wenju Pan; ME Belloy; J Billings; A Abbas; A Kashyap; R Hinz; V Vanreusel; J Van Audekerke; A Van der Linden; M Verhoye; GA Keliris



Infraslow LFP correlates to resting-state fMRI BOLD signals

by Wenju Pan; Garth John Thompson; Matthew Evan Magnuson; Dieter Jaeger; Shella Keilholz