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Community health workers can improve child growth of antenatally-depressed, South African mothers: a cluster randomized controlled trial

by Mark Tomlinson; Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus; Jessica Harwood; Ingrid M. le Roux; Mary O’Connor; Carol Worthman



Psychological and Environmental Correlates of HPA Axis Functioning in Parentally Bereaved Children: Preliminary Findings

by Julie B. Kaplow; Danielle N. Shapiro; Britney M. Wardecker; Kathryn H. Howell; James L. Abelson; Carol Worthman; Alan R. Prossin



Multidisciplinary research priorities for the COVID-19 pandemic

by Rory C. O'Connor; Matthew Hotopf; Carol Worthman; V. Hugh Perry; Irene Tracey; Simon Wessely; Louise Arseneault; Clive Ballard; Helen Christensen; Roxane Cohen Silver; Tamsin Ford; Ann John; Thomas Kabir; Kate King; Alan Simpson; Ira Madan; Katherine Cowan; Ed Bullmore; Emily A. Holmes



Validity and Reliability of Brief Smartphone Self-Monitoring of Diet, Stress, and Physical Activity in a Diverse Sample of Mothers

by Dallas Swendeman; Warren Scott Comulada; Maryann Koussa; Carol Worthman; Deborah Estrin; Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus; Nithya Ramanathan



Emerging Opportunities Provided by Technology to Advance Research in Child Health Globally

by Alastair van Heerden; Jukka Leppanen; Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus; Carol Worthman; Brandon A. Kohrt; Sarah Skeen; Sonja Giese; Rob Hughes; Lisa Bohmer; Mark Tomlinson