William McDonald MD


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The FDA and ECT

by William McDonald; Richard D. Weiner; Laura J. Fochtmann; W. Vaughn McCall



Development of the Comprehensive Cervical Dystonia Rating Scale: Methodology.

by Cynthia L. Comella; Susan H. Fox; Kailash P. Bhatia; Joel S. Perlmutter; Hyder Jinnah; Mateusz Zurowski; William McDonald; Laura Marsh; Ami R. Rosen; Tracy Waliczek; Laura J. Wright; Wendy R. Galpern; Glenn T. Stebbins



Changes in heart rate variability of depressed patients after electroconvulsive therapy

by Erica B. Royster; Lisa M. Trimble; George Cotsonis; Brian Schmotzer; Amita Manatunga; Natasha N. Rushing; Giuseppe Pagnoni; S. Freda Auyeung; Angelo R. Brown; Joel Schoenbeck; Smitha Murthy; William McDonald; Dominique L. Musselman



Prefrontal rTMS for Treating Depression: Location and Intensity Results from the OPT-TMS Multi-Site Clinical Trial

by Kevin A. Johnson; Mirza Baig; Dave Ramsey; Sarah H. Lisanby; David Avery; William McDonald; Xingbao Li; Elisabeth R. Bernhardt; David R. Haynor; Paul Holtzheimer; Harold A. Sackeim; Mark S. George; Ziad Nahas Nahas