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Spillover of Early Extubation Practices From the Pediatric Heart Network Collaborative Learning Study*

by William Mahle; Michael Wolf; MK Witte; SK Pasquali; SC Nicolson; LS Shekerdemian; W Zhang; JE Donohue; M Gaies



Rationale and methodology of a collaborative learning project in congenital cardiac care

by Michael J. Wolf; Eva K. Lee; Susan C. Nicolson; Gail D. Pearson; Madolin K. Witte; Jeryl Huckaby; Michael Gaies; Lara S. Shekerdemian; William Mahle



Factors Associated with Neurodevelopment for Children with Single Ventricle Lesions

by Caren S. Goldberg; Minmin Lu; Lynn A. Sleeper; William Mahle; J. William Gaynor; Ismee A. Williams; Kathleen A. Mussatto; Richard G. Ohye; Eric M. Graham; Deborah U. Frank; Jeffrey P. Jacobs; Catherine Krawczeski; Linda Lambert; Alan Lewis; Victoria L. Pemberton; Renee Sananes; Eric Sood; Stephanie Wechsler; David C. Bellinger; Jane W. Newburger



Common deletion variants causing protocadherin-α deficiency contribute to the complex genetics of BAV and left-sided congenital heart disease

by William Mahle; Lazaros Kochilas; Ankur Saini; P Teekakirikul; W Zhu; GC Gabriel; CB Young; K Williams; LJ Martin; JC Hill; T Richards; M Billaud; JA Phillippi; J Wang; Y Wu; T Tan; W Devine; JH Lin; AS Bais; J Klonowski; AM de Bellaing; MX Wang; L Emerel; N Salamacha; SK Wyman; C Lee; HS Li; A Miron; J Zhang; J Xing; DM McNamara; E Fung; P Kirshbom; Y He; V Garg; P White; KL McBride; DW Benson; TG Gleason; S Mital; CW Lo



The importance of nomenclature for congenital cardiac disease: implications for research and evaluation

by Matthew Strickland; Tiffany J Riehle-Colarusso; Jeffrey P Jacobs; Mark D Reller; William Mahle; Lorenzo D Botto; Paige Tolbert; Marshall L Jacobs; Francois G Lacour-Gayet; Christo I Tchervenkov; Constantine Mavroudis; Adolfo Correa



Challenges With Left Ventricular Functional Parameters: The Pediatric Heart Network Normal Echocardiogram Database

by Peter C. Frommelt; L. LuAnn Minich; Felicia L. Trachtenberg; Karen Altmann; Joseph Camarda; Meryl S. Cohen; Steven D. Colan; Ritu Sachdeva; William Mahle