Whitney Wharton PhD


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Association of combination statin and antihypertensive therapy with reduced Alzheimer's disease and related dementia risk

by Douglas Barthold; Geoffrey Joyce; Roberta Diaz Brinton; Whitney Wharton; Patrick Gavin Kehoe; Julie Zissimopoulos



The Role of Nutrition and Inflammation on Cognition in a High-Risk Group for Alzheimer's Disease.

by Jordan M. Jackson Jackson; Allison A. Bay; Jolie Denise Barter; Liang Ni; William Michael Caudle; Monica C. Serra; Whitney Wharton; Madeleine Hackney



Feasibility of the Savvy Caregiver Program for LGBTQ plus Caregivers of People Living with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias

by Krystal R Kittle; Rebecca Lee; Kiera Pollock; Yeonsu Song; Whitney Wharton; Joel G Anderson; Martiza N Dowling; Jason D Flatt



The Tele-STELLA protocol: Telehealth-based support for families living with later-stage Alzheimer's disease

by Allison Lindauer; Deborah Messecar; Glenise McKenzie; Allison Gibson; Whitney Wharton; Allison Bianchi; Robin Tarter; Ruth Tadesse; Charles Boardman; Ona Golonka; Sarah Gothard; Hiroko H Dodge



Potential Protective Mechanisms of S-equol, a Metabolite of Soy Isoflavone by the Gut Microbiome, on Cognitive Decline and Dementia

by Akira Sekikawa; Whitney Wharton; Brittany Butts; Cole V Veliky; Joshua Garfein; Jiatong Li; Shatabdi Goon; Annamaria Fort; Mengyi Li; Timothy M Hughes