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Toward Better Understanding of Pediatric Feeding Disorder: A Proposed Framework for Patient Characterization

by William Sharp; Alan Silverman; Joan C Arvedson; Nancy F Bandstra; Elizabeth Clawson; Rashelle C Berry; Barbara McElhanon; Alison M Kozlowski; Mitchell Katz; Valerie Volkert; Praveen S Goday; Colleen T Lukens



Symptoms of Pediatric Feeding Disorders Among Individuals with 3q29 Deletion Syndrome: A Case-Control Study

by Addam J Wawrzonek; William Sharp; Teresa Lindsey Burrell; Scott E Gillespie; Rebecca M Pollak; Melissa M Murphy; Jennifer Mulle



Overweight and obese status in children with autism spectrum disorder and disruptive behavior

by Kristen Criado; William Sharp; Courtney E. McCracken; Oana De Vinck-Baroody; Liansai Dong; Michael G. Aman; Christopher J. McDougle; James T. McCracken; L. Eugene Arnold; Carol Weitzman; John M. Leventhal; Benedetto Vitiello; Lawrence Scahill



Radcliffe ARFID Workgroup: Toward operationalization of research diagnostic criteria and directions for the field

by Kamryn T. Eddy; Stephanie G. Harshman; Kendra R. Becker; Elana Bern; Rachel Bryant-Waugh; Anja Hilbert; Debra K. Katzman; Elizabeth A. Lawson; Laurie D. Manzo; Jessie Menzel; Nadia Micali; Rollyn Ornstein; Sarah Sally; Sharon P. Serinsky; William Sharp; Kathryn Stubbs; B. Timothy Walsh; Hana Zickgraf; Nancy Zucker; Jennifer J. Thomas