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ATRIP Deacetylation by SIRT2 Drives ATR Checkpoint Activation by Promoting Binding to RPA-ssDNA

by Hui Zhang; PamelaSara E. Head; Waaqo Daddacha; Seong-Hoon Park; Xingzhe Li; Yunfeng Pan; Matthew Z. Madden; Duc M. Duong; Maohua Xie; Bing Yu; Matthew D. Warren; Elaine A. Liu; Vishal R. Dhere; Chunyang Li; Ivan Pradilla; Mylin Torres; Ya Wang; William Dynan; Paul Doetsch; Xingming Deng; Nicholas Seyfried; David Gius; David Yu



Editorial: Nucleic Acids Research and Nucleic Acid Therapeutics

by Barry Stoddard; Anastasia Khvorova; David R. Corey; William Dynan; Keith Fox



DNA damage response and Ku80 function in the vertebrate embryo

by Catherine L. Bladen; Wai K. Lam; William Dynan; David J. Kozlowski



Transgelin increases metastatic potential of colorectal cancer cells in vivo and alters expression of genes involved in cell motility

by Hui-min Zhou; Yuan-yuan Fang; Paul M. Weinberger; Ling-ling Ding; John K. Cowell; Farlyn Z. Hudson; Mingqiang Ren; Jeffrey R. Lee; Qi-kui Chen; Hong Su; William Dynan; Ying Lin



Receptor-mediated delivery of engineered nucleases for genome modification

by Chen Zhong; Lahcen Jaafar; Davies G Agyekum; Haiyan Xiao; Marlene F Wade; R Ileng Kumaran; David L Spector; Gang Bao; Matthew H Porteus; William Dynan; Steffen E Meiler